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Series of issues with developer tools

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I have several issues with my FF that it's unusable for development. I'm giving it a third chance as I really want to keep it.

- CSS is not listed in the network tab - JS cannot be opened in debugger - Source maps partially or fully stop working (e.g. in CSS for some elements it shows the source, for some don't) - Disable cache in network checked still loads assets from cache

Not all issues from above happen at the same time. Restarting the app, refreshing the profile or opening in the private window shuffle the issues.

What I tried so far: - Refreshed Firefox (from the troubleshooting information) - Restarted normally (from about:profiles) - Reset my profiles - Tried without singing in to FF account - Deleted the app and reinstalled it

It is a local project running in Docker, but the same project works in Chrome. No changes have been made on my side. I'm a Chrome user and would really like to switch to Firefox.

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I don't use most of those features, but I can address one of them:

> CSS is not listed in the network tab

Firefox 79+ no longer revalidates cached CSS files against the server to pick up updates on a standard reload (F5 or Ctrl+r/Command+r). So if you don't see CSS files listed on the Network tab, that is accurate.

I created an add-on to overwrite the cache-control headers for CSS files as a workaround: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/no-cache-no-store-for-css/

Also, since this forum focuses mostly on end-user issues, you could consider following up with the DevTools team on their forum over here:



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