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Zoom Scheduler extension has stopped working despite Firefox refresh

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The Zoom Scheduler extension for Firefox used to work fine and was really helpful when I need to schedule Zoom meetings for work. Around Oct 8, it stopped working and gives the error "Schedule meeting failed. Please try again." when I use the "Make it a Zoom meeting" button in Google Calendar or "Schedule a Meeting" in the extension button.

I tried going through Zoom support and they eventually said they would escalate the case to their engineers, but other people have confirmed that the extension still works with Firefox and I'm starting to suspect it is something wrong with my installation or my computer or something.

Here are the things I've tried:

  • Uninstalled the extension and added it back
  • Made sure there is only 1 Google account added and that I'm logged in to it
  • Refreshed Firefox
  • Reinstalled Firefox
  • Removed FF profiles and reinstalling
  • Tested the Zoom extension in Chrome (yes, it works there)
  • Set popups to not be blocked
  • Cannot test in Safe Mode since the problem is with an extension, but at this point the Zoom extension is the only one installed
  • Looked at what happens in the console when I try to use the Zoom extension (unfortunately I don't understand what these lines mean): https://www.screencast.com/t/eg53k7KcRu
  • One more clue or possibly red herring: I also had problems recently using the LastPass extension where you are supposed to be able to export all your passwords, it is supposed to pop up a window but instead got stuck in a loop of requesting my master password