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problem with extensions

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Problem One: 1Password extension not working for me. I installed Firefox and made it my primary browser. Extensions have been a disaster for me. First I tried adding the 1 Password extension. I did this because when I tried opening a page from 1 Password uninstalled on the browser, it didn't l as it should (has always done so with Safari). I had to open 1Password separately, and copy the information, which is tedious.

So I installed the 1Password Extension on Firefox. It didn't work unless I'd opened the desktop version of 1Password, it still didn't open and fill.

So I removed the extension. I then decided to give it another try. The extension shows up on Firefox. But now it has a little lock on the icon. The problem is that clicking on the icon doesn't open anything! I've rebooted the computer, and only reinstalled the 1Password extension. The same problem occurs, then, without clicking on the problematic icon, I reboot the computer again. It hasn't helped.

PROBLEM TWO: I'm having an additional problem with extensions. When I click on the extension for Pocket (for instance), the program opens, but fails to recognize that I have a paid subscription, asking me to upgrade. This is true for other sites I have subscriptions to, limiting me using the "free" version, which limits what I can open as well as what I can save.

It sounds unbelievable, but that's what's happened to me. I'm using enhanced tracking protection for all sites. Macbook Pro ; Catalina OS 10.15.7 (19H15) - most recent version Max OS

I appreciate any help you can give me. This is way over my head! I've tried everything I can think of, except for uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox.


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