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Best approach to backup browsing session

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Foreword: i already had problem with FF browsing session when i had two windows open and somehow the secondary with not important tabs was closed as the last one and then there was problem to restore the main one.

Question: So in short i have important session open and two browser windows and i want to make a quick backup of the main one or of the both sessions and be able to restore all the opened tabs from this backup easily.

What is the best approach to do it?

Related FAQ: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/back-and-restore-information-firefox-profiles#w_backing-up-your-profile But it is about profile, not just opened tabs and it is manual task, not some built in GUI function.

My OS and findings: I am on Linux and i have found this: $ cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/; ls -l $ cd myprofilename/sessionstore-backups;ls -lt recovery.jsonlz4 recovery.baklz4 previous.jsonlz4 upgrade.jsonlz4-202010... ... Do i have to quit FF, then backup the sessionstore-backups and then after i want restore, do the same but only replace the folder? Is there more simple, better way?