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I can't login to email.godaddy.com in Firefox anymore. I clear cookies etc every time I close Firefox.

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I don't know if this is an issue with cookies or with something else, but it's driving me to use Edge to access my email. Site is email.godaddy.com

Many sites now require two-factor authentication. The second factor is often in email. It is dysfunctional for me to keep using Firefox since I can't login to email.godaddy.com. I can login to it using MS Edge, but switching back and forth between two browsers repeatedly is not something I can do. Firefox has been my go-to browser for everything for a long, long time.

What things can I try to fix this?

Here's some of my FF settings: Privacy & Security

 Browser Privacy
   Enhanced Tracking Protection - No exceptions
   Custom select (Not Standard or strict)
     Choose which trackers and scripts to block
           cookies (all 3rd-party cookes), 
           tracking content (in all windows), 
      Send websites a "Do Not Track" signal - Always
    Cookies and Site Data
    I might be in "permanent private browsing mode" because this box is check
    AND greyed out:
        Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed (check, greyed out)
    Logins and Passwords
    Unchecked: Ask to save logins and passwords for websites
    Unchecked: Use a Primary Password
    Forms and Autofill: Checked: Autofill addresses
       will Use custom settings for history
       Checked: Always use private browsing mode

I turned off all 3 add-ons (HTTPS every, Privacy Badger, Dark Reader) but that didn't help anything.

Firefox 81.0 64-bit Operating System: Windows 10

Please help? I have used Firefox for more than a decade. It is too unreasonable to have to login to email in the Edge browser, get the "code" or whatever, and then switch back to Firefox to login to more secure sites. Switching back and forth repeatedly confuses me and is too dysfunctional for me. I need to resolve this somehow.

Thank you!

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