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Firefox error in options -- developers please read !!

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Unchecking a certain option in firefox breaks downloading for certain homepages:


Did a little research. This problem has appeared with rel/ver 79. The problem shows up as soon as the check mark is removed in the options. Which check mark? Well:


               uncheck the box "open links in tabs instead of new windows" 

Use the instructions below. Took me quite a while to find what/where the problem is.

The following is just an example - you can try downloading any firmware for any other ASUS product! If you are interested - just try the following sequence of "commands":

Go to the homepage of "ASUS.COM" Position on the "service" option. Click on the "service and support" option in the drop-down menu. Select the pic showing i.e. a router (wlan and networks). Select "wireless router" as the product range (first box). Then select i.e. "RT-AC66U" as product model (second box). Then select "Drivers & Tools". Then select "BIOS and FIRMWARE". AND then try downloading.

This is where MY browser starting with rel 79 just blinks and inserts a little notice which reads i.e. "2020/09/29 downloaded" and a little circle with an arrow in it pointing downwards.

But nothing is downloaded.

Putting a check in the above mentioned box makes the download work.



Either ASUS is doing something strange or firefox as of rel 79 has changed its behavior.

To repeat myself: I can download on other sites (like drivers for NVIDIA GPUs) just fine. So far, it just seems to be a problem on the ASUS homepage.

ASUS is telling me that this is a Firefox problem.

Have a nice day.


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problem solved

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problem solved


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