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Thunderbird 78 (PGP) How to disable encrypted subject lines?

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My company uses PGP for all email and Thunderbird is the primary client. The new version 78 with PGP enabled appears to force encrypting subject line. This breaks all our filtering. Enigmail allowed us to disabled subject line encryption.

Is there an option to disable this while keeping PGP enabled?

Thank you,

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@sfhowes thank you for the reply and documentation. I used time machine to roll back my Thunderbird App and profile folder. Also disabled updates. Encrypted subjects is a complete blocker for me so I'll just stay on 68 until I find another client or an option is provided to turn that off in 78.

Thanks again!

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Thank you for posting this. The lack of a disable button for subject line encryption is driving me insane. Mozilla needs to fix this ASAP.

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I used Little Snitch on the mac to block downloads of Thunderbird 78 so I can stay on version 68 till there is a solution for this.

If they never offer a solution I'll either find another client or stay on 68 as long as it works. Encrypted subjects are a deal breaker.

Enigmail offered a setting to disabled encrypted subject lines. No one encrypted subject lines for a very very long time its only recent. The community is used to the idea that subjects are not encrypted. It's very important for mail filtering rules to be able to read the subject without opening the mail first.

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Found a workaround. I set these settings in the config editor to false (attached image). My subjects aren't encrypted anymore.

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my main TB on macOS is v68 series TB , because v78 series TB is using immature RNP based OpenPGP.

my second TB is inside my HOME folder , that is v78 series, but i dont use PKI comm thru it.

in Windows, users can use Portable TB, to use as second TB. macOS/linux/unix allows to install app in any custom location folder to use as second TB.

v68 series TB uses external GPG tool to support PKI 1.

disable TB auto-update , (please upvote my Q+A inside linked page, if its helpful/useful).

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Thunderbird release version 78.5.1 supports non-encrypted subject lines https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/78.5.1/releasenotes/

It appears to not be a UI option but can be enabled via the config editor

Thunderbird Menu -> Preferences -> General (scroll to bottom) -> Editor Config (Accept risk) -> Search for "mail.identity.default.protectSubject" -> Double click on value column (true)

Once this value is set to false newly composed emails will send without encrypting subject lines.