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Why this effort to place tabs above?

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My visual limitations make it difficult for me to look up, so the tabs at the bottom are very helpful. Why this effort to place them above? I use them a lot ... and now I have to strain my eyes. Sure you see perfectly well. You could think of people with poor eyesight and older people who are forced to bend their necks. They are two centimeters, yes, but at my age that breaks my neck. I used to use Firefox because I could have tabs down. Not now. It is not ergonomic. Is it time to abandon it? Think about the needs of others. Of all of them.

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Hi isimegapixel, you can push the tabs down two rows by turning on the "Title bar" -- this will show the full title of the current tab at the top -- and the "Menu bar" -- that's File Edit View, etc. Customize is a good way to access those settings: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars.

As you may know, having tabs above the main toolbar has been the default layout since Firefox 4, with a built-in option to switch up through Firefox 28. Starting in Firefox 29 up through Firefox 56, there was no longer a built-in option to switch, but add-ons could do the swap. Since Firefox 57, add-ons no longer have that ability, so a userChrome.css file is required to rearrange toolbars. (There is a longstanding request pending to allow add-ons to change toolbars in various ways, but as far as I know, it is still on the "maybe" list.)

Your Firefox identified itself as version 60, which is no longer supported. Is that accurate? If you are ready to dive into a community supported userChrome.css approach, it would be easier to find working recipes for the Extended Support Release of Firefox 68, or the current mainstream release, Firefox 79.

Meanwhile, if seeing the top of your screen is painful, I think you should look into more general solutions for that because no matter where you put the tabs in Firefox, there will be relevant things at the top of the browser in Windows and other apps. Can you lower/recline your screen or raise your seating position? I'm definitely not an ergonomics expert, but you probably can find a lot of tips online or from local resources.