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FireFox 79.0 logout problems from website rdc.nl. Usermenu is not shown anymore when logoutbutton is pushed

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Good morning all I am new in this house. Guido van Wijk, application engineer at RDC in Amsterdam (rdc.nl). We host large internet applications for the automotive industry in the Netherlands. Java based. 8.000 users. In this web-applications html, exit buttons are built-in to return to user-menu's where our customer (automotive company's such as car-dealers) can make an new choice to enter a new application. These exit-buttons perform wel under FireFox 78.x. The men is shown. Since the Firefox 79.0 update these buttons do not function anymore. Either the application-screen stays untouched (as the menu should be shown) or a full white screen is shown. Whic is also wrong. I have tested with an older Ffox 78.0 version on another PC and then everything works fine. What's going on here. I am not an software engineer.

The images show an example of 1 of our web-apps, OKR with the uitlogbutton, logout. And the usermenu which should be shown then. This works Ok with Ffox 78, not anymore with 79.0

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Hi, is there any error in the WWW console (ctrl + shift + K) after clicking the button?


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Yes, there is a dutch text; translated:

OKR-app This page uses the non-standard "zoom" property. Consider using calc () in the relevant property values ​​of use "transform" along with "transform-origin: 0 0". okr Scripts should not close windows that are not opened by the script.

APK-app: Other application that shows white page after logout: Scripts should not close windows that are not open by the script.

The HTML document character set is not declared. The document will display unreadable text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters outside the US-ASCII series. The character set of the page must be declared in the document or in the transfer protocol. close.jsp; jsessionid = B9B62C855F3EBB00FCF2353C4E8FD23E

ORX-app: This page uses the non-standard property "zoom". Consider using calc () in the relevant property values ​​or use "transform" together with "transform-origin: 0 0". orx web app Scripts should not close windows that are not opened by the script. orx web app: 1:36 Empty string passed to getElementById ().

Thank you very much I will contact software-support at our side to evaluate. Many thanks again.


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This Empty string passed to getElementById (). is the most suspicious.

And I'm not sure if your error is due to an update to 79. I can't find any compatibility changes in this version that could influence your website.


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Thank you I will pass this information on. Sofar the websites of these services work fine with other browsers. But we will investigate your suggestions thouroughly.


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