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Unhide column on an archived webpage when button is disabled

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Why I know it can be made visible

   Yesterday, the following archived version from June 19 was viewed.
   The "New Recovered" column was visible, along with three other columns.
   Today, as in the past, "New Recovered" is again hidden.

The question:

   *****   How can they be made visible?  *******

Misc Information including the current, not yet archived, page

   The current webpage is https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
   The "New Recovered" column is hidden by default.
   Columns are hidden or unhidden by clicking the "Columns" button.
   Using Windows 10 1909 and Firefox 78

What I have tried

   Tab to "Columns" button; tried every modifier key, ctrl+<key>, Enter, right- and left-click...

How to see what I see

   First visit the current page https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
   "New Recovered" column is not visible.
   Click "Columns" and select "New Recovered" which is column 7.
   (it is 6 in list because column 1 can't be hidden)
   Now, open an archived page.  This is the one which had no hidden columns yesterday.
   Note the "New Recovered" column is not visible.
   To prove the data has been captured:
   Select "Yesterday"
   Press "Ctrl+u" to see the "Page Source"
   Find (Ctrl+f) and find one of the following "New Recovered" values (96,845  10,942) World & USA
   Find "Columns" to see the list of available columns.  ("New Recovered" is column 7)
   Find again and to see that columns 7, 16-18 are set to false preventing being displayed.

Since "New Recovered" column on the archived page somehow became visible yesterday. I know it can be done. Thank you, in advance.

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I don't think that this is possible.

That data is stored in a cookie that hide column 7 by default, but that cookie has a complicated path.

  • vcolumns="{\"7\":false,\"16\":false,\"17\":false,\"18\":false}";

This data is still available in the tables object

Geändert am von cor-el


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Thanks. I thought that as well. Also, thanks for the displays.

The reason I'm no longer sure it is impossible is because it was, somehow, displayed. The steps to open is simple, right-click the link in Archive.org, open in new tab. This one time something happened to display all four hidden columns.

PS. I appreciate the "super" response.  :D


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