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When my wife started Firefox the Wrong Bookmarks Loaded

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When my wife started Firefox one day the Firefox bookmarks from my computer loaded into her computer. She was in one state and i was in another. Her bookmarks are no longer visible - only mine. I checked her Profile folder - only my bookmarks are visible. Questions: How can this happen? How can she retrieve her bookmarks?

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Hi terfehr, first, can you confirm that neither of you is logged in to the other's Firefox Account?

Next, you mentioned that you "checked her Profile folder" -- what did this entail?

I was going to suggest that she restore the last automatic bookmark backup that had her own bookmarks. This article has the steps to find that menu: Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer. Each available date will show the number of items in the file, which may help in spotting when the change occurred. Hopefully not too long ago.


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To confirm - we are DEFINITELY not signed into each other's account.

Good idea about the automatic back-up. I will try that.

Checking her profile folder: 1. Clock on Firefox logo 2, Select Help 3. Select Troubleshooting 4. Select "open folder" next to Profile older. The bookmarks are stored there.

Thanks, Tom


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Hi Tom, I wasn't sure how you checked because the bookmarks are stored in files that aren't easily read:

  • [profile folder]\places.sqlite (combined bookmarks-history database)
  • [profile folder]\bookmarkbackups\bookmarks-2020-06-29_525_gibberish==.jsonlz4 (and similar)
    The file name indicates date and number of items.

I do have a converter for the backup files that will export them out as a web page. That allows you to see the file contents without restoring it, if you want a preview.



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