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Color management fails after last update. (but not completely!)

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Hello, (i think) after the last update(9/6/20), there is a problem with mozilla color management.

My monitor is calibrated, the profile works fine but not in the browser.

I tried to change the settings from this page - about:config - but nothing works.

The color settings in the browser was already(always) true, 1, 0 i tried other combinations, did not work.

So the result is strange because when color management is enabled, it works for videos(i think), not for every button, not for toolbars, not for thumbnails and generally not for images!

I will upload an example from youtube page, check the red color with c.management enabled and disabled.

Maybe there is a problem inside the code or it is just me, maybe the profile, my settings.

Thank you

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hello giorgiofgr,

follow the steps:

1. type about:config in address bar.

2. Then press enter < click Accept Risk and continue.

3. copy and paste gfx.color_management.mode in search box.

  • 0 = off
  • 1 = on for ALL images
  • 2 = on for TAGGED images (default)

thank you!

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Thanks for the answer but i think i was clear about this,

gfx.color_management.mode is 1, always was, that is the problem!

gfx.color_management.enablev4 - True

gfx.color_management.mode - 1

gfx.color_management.rendering - 0

Before the last update everything was fine with these settings, not now.

Thank you

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Hello again, i want to be more accurate about this.

I just found that the difference now(after the last update) is with the same settings (color management - on), browser corrects the colors only when the image file format has an embedded icc profile.

All images now that have not (or support) an embedded icc profile are highly saturated.

That is the case for me.

Thanks again

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....new update today, problem solved

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...problem solved with the new update(today).

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