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webauthn credential management

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Is there a way to delete webauthn credentials?

Using webauthn.orgwebauthn.org :

I registered user 204348 more than once, which works.

When I go to the login in page, Windows asks for my credentials.

This is where the problem is:

It gives me more than one sign in option which makes sense.

My question is, can you delete a credential?


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Hi richard125, glad to see you on Mozilla Support Forum.

You can fix this issue by clearing cookies and site data because all sites save their authentication data in the form of cookies.

You can clear the cookies and site data by simple steps:-

  • Click on menu icon.
  • Click on options.
  • In left pane, you will see privacy and security menu, click on it.
  • Now go to cookies and Site data option and click on clear data.

Hope it works. If it doesn't solved your problem, then feel free to ask in Reply Section. Thanks for raising your question in Mozilla Support Forum.


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Thank-you for your reply.

Unfortunately that has not fixed the problem.

Maybe this helps you to understand. If you look at the screenshot it shows Windows Security.

Thanks in advance


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I think that this window is created by the Windows operating system and that Firefox merely passes a string to Windows to explain the reason and Windows decides what possible choices you have to unlock.
The returned status determines whether the unlock is successful or failed.
You will have to ask this on a Windows oriented forum to see if this is possible.


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