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My computer slows to a point where it fails to respond to inputs. A yellow band appears, saying, "A web page is slowing down your computer. What would you like to do?" I click STOP, but that does nothing.

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Well, I guess when I wrote the above I was expecting whatever help you might be able to give. Obviously, I'd like the problem fixed; how its done is up to someone who understands the problem and knows a whole lot more about these things than I do, and can communicate the procedure to me. (For some reason the Subject box above says that I've entered 574 characters EVEN AFTER I'VE DELETED MORE THAN HALF OF IT)

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By menu icon is it safe to assume you mean the three horizontal lines? If so, the drop down menu shows several options--but nothing called "options". Please be advised that I'm not anywhere near as conversant with computers as , say a five-year old. OK?

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Whoops, your question duplicated. I suggest continuing in the earlier one: