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Firefox not downloading anything at all. Also one of sollutions broke the sound.

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This whole thing seems kinda like a whole mess. Don't know exactly when it did start, maybe for around 2 weeks now, but it's getting progressively worse.

The first problem that started came with downloads. Almost everything except image files (.gif, .jpg, .png so far as I checked) fails. Pdfs, exe, jars and so on can't be downloaded. Not even download window pops up. Only does that for images.

  • Tried downloading with Microsoft Edge, it works.
  • Tried downloading on firefox using Safe Mode, works as well.
  • Made second Administrator account and everything works there too.
  • When uninstalling using control panel got error "Can't initialize plug-ins directory",
  • when trying to launch firefox installed to maybe uninstall firefox that way I got error about not being able to create temp.
  • Both install and uninstall worked on second Administrator.
  • I also tried uninstalling antivirus software before, didn't seem to change anything too.

Now, while trying different sollutions, I noticed that sound on firefox wasn't working anymore. I noticed it when trying between these two options:

  • Turning off Firefox hardware acceleration
  • Resetting settings on applicable browser.download settings in about:config

Turning on Firefox hardware acceleration didn't fix.

So like... This whole thing is confusing mess. Any help?

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