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Stop switching to another tab when video starts

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I have a tab open that plays videos on a website for which I get credit for "watching" them, however I have other tabs open that I switch to while the videos play to get stuff done. I still get credit as the tab stays open. I can hear them playing as I'm active on another tab. However firefox keeps forcing me to go back to the tab playing videos whenever a new video loads & starts playing on that tab. It automatically takes me off the current tab and forces me to view that video tab so I have to see the new video strarting. I have to click back on the other tab I was on, but as soon as the next video starts playing it again forces me onto that video tab and takes me off the tab I want to be on. I want the video tab to play while I'm on other tabs without forcing me back to that video tab every time the next video loads. I don't want to be forced back to that video tab, I want to stay on the current tab I'm on no matter if a new video starts on the other tab. How do I stop Mozilla from forcing me off my current tab and back to the tab playing videos every time a new video starts??