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why did firefox run great in linux on my i5 8gb lenevo but not on i7 16gb lenovo

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i had a low resolution lenovo laptop. Thinkpad T540p Intel Core i5 4200M | 8GB | 240GB SSD | 15,6 inch. on which kubuntu installed like a charm and fast and everything worked perfect. yet the resolution was to low for me so now I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T540p Intel Core i7 4810MQ | 16GB | 512GB SSD | 15,6 inch 2560 x 1620. kubuntu installing took ages on this one. but everything went well and works fast. even Firefox, it's faaast! . but the videos on every site are choppy and lagging but not on the chromium browser. videos perfect! everywhere. but there everything else is slow. I tried everything I could find to change Firefox.. restart, reinstall, refresh, about:config, with or without addons, drivers. it's driving my nuts.. it looks like Firefox can't load the videos properly as if it doesn't have enough strength.. weird.. I had the same problem on my little mini samsung laptop. but this laptop should run it all without problems right? . why did the low resolution one run perfect? can anyone help me please..

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Please see Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL and try the steps listed in the article.


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hi andrew, thanks, it didn't work. I have linux so the windows update etc didn't help.. so i tried to find a kubuntu version of your idea.. tried all the steps it didn't work. than I tried to see on the lenovo page if they have drivers and turns out not for my refurbished thinkpad T540p. only kubuntu 12.04 support not the kubuntu 18.04. so i made a bootable usb stick and reinstalled the whole system with kubuntu 12.04.. not much worked, graphics etc all messsed up. so I reinstalled the whole laptop with kubuntu 18.04 again. in software package manager, settings, sources ticked the extra calonial packaged etc. as I always do.. in the terminal sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade and now suddenly firefox works on youtube! so im guessing Ubuntu 12.04 did something to the bios or drivers that made kubuntu 18.04 now run better. but it still is not right on other streaming sites.. webgl does work but it already did before i installed 12.04. and i have nvida driver 390..

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okay it works now! i don't know why.. I think because of above steps and some updates. I'm sorry I don't know why exactly.. but it works!

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and now it's buggy again.. I did nothing.. weird..

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okay I solved it. my above steps did fix it.. to repeat what I did to solve it..

I had windows 10 installed which I completely overwrote installing kubuntu 18.04. I always took these steps after installing. in terminal type sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade, go to software manager/ settings / sources/ check colonial packages (or do this first) . than again sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade. sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras, sudo apt install flashplugin-installer. and install the rest of some software like gimp etc.. but every time chromium browser was slow but played all videos everywhere perfect. and Firefox was superfast but playing videos was choppy. nivida driver 390 was automaticly located and webgl worked fine.

so your tip didn't solve anything because that was already present. yet when I tried to find a kubuntu version of installing drivers etc I followed all these steps ( https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/08/how-to-enable-hardware-accelerated.html?m=1 ) but that didn't work either. then I saw on the lenovo website that my laptop T540p does not support kubuntu 18.04 but only 12.04. so I made a bootable usb and completely overwrote kubuntu 18.04 with 12.04. but it was hard to install the graphics were distorted.. and after installing almost nothing worked. so I completely overwrote it again with kubuntu 18.04. than took all the steps I wrote above here to always take after installing. and now it all works!

so it has to do with installing kubuntu 12.04 it did something. I tried everything else, all forums all tips etc.. reinstalled it many times. nothing solved the slow chromium with perfect videos or choppy videos in a superfast firefox.. now both play fine and fast :)

so thank for the tip although that wasn't it it did lead me to the solution.

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and it started back up again.. omg I've been at this for weeks.. frustrating.. it seems to be solved and than after a while starts back up..

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FFmpeg is needed to fully support HTML5 players like used at Twitch and Youtube and various other sites not using Flash for video anymore. Youtube may still seem to work without FFmpeg depending on codec being used. Chrome/Chromium kinda cheats by coming with their own codecs.

Proprietary multimedia formats and such are not normally included in Linux installs by default. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats

So if you are having issues with Youtube videos then that could be part of the reason.

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hi James, omg thanks so much!! firefox is up and running. videos everywhere work.. I already had restricted extras installed but installing ffmpeg fixed the problem! .. you can't see it but I'm bowing to you on my knees (metaforicly speaking lol) . ive had this problem so long.. ive rebooted free times, did loads of other stuff and it stays in working order.. thank you!!

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I can't belief it now after half an hour watching it started to stutter again.. it really looked like it was fixed.. how weird is this.. maybe I have a ghost in my machine haha crycry

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situation now..

after i completely overwrite pc with fresh install of kubuntu 18.04. open muon package manager - setting - configure software sources - other software check all but cd - updates i choose only important updates and recommended updates and turned them off. uncheck: check for updates. in terminal sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade, installed gimp, synaptic, ffmpeg, ubuntu-restricted-extras, flashplugin-installer, openshot-qt , chromium browser. clicked the driver manager that automaticly appears and told me to use recommended nivida metapackage driver 390 and iwlwifi driver backport in dkms format. in about:config webgl.disabled is set to false so it's on and their website says it works. and i set hardware acceleration and reccomended performances off...

if i don't do that it's all very glitchy.. all this makes it so I can watch videos in small and big screen in firefox for half an hour but only if i put the link of the video in the search bar and watch it. if i have to search for videos I can only watch it 10 minutes without glitches. I have to reboot to watch the next video whitout glitches. and after half an hour regardless of anything, it starts glitching. if i click a new streaming video after I watched one, the new one starts to glitch right away. if I use, or automaticly something else starts, any other system program at the same time it starts glitching and keeps glitching.. (like it can't load fast enough sound and image stutter and loading wheel appears) but during that half hour I can open other firefox pages like YouTube and watch videos without glitches at the same time..

chromium works fine on all videos, in all ways, no glitches smooth uninterrupted whatever I do. but it remains slow on all other fronts. while firefox on everything else works perfect and super fast. only on WordPress editor for website, whole firefox crashes if i load several pictures into a slider. the rest also on the computer works awesomely fast and as it supposed to.