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deactivate searchbar when clicking next to addressbar

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more options

first of all, the new searchbar is a PITA. why would you make it pop out and enlarge?! do you wanna appeal to the elderly to make them realize where they just clicked?! a simple colored border would be just enough. The dropdown would be alright, except when you actually wanted to click a bookmark. now you can press escape, but the searchbar uncomfortably hovers over the bookmark bar, which gives me a weird kind of claustrophobia. Even worse when you want to deactivate that hover you have to click somewhere on the site, not just on the free empty space left or right of the searchbar. And guess how much fun it is finding a spot to click that is not a link...

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more options

You can possibly press the Tab key to set focus to another element in the location bar (Shift+Tab to go back). Clicking on free toolbar space doesn't change the focus (you would need to click an element that accepts focus when clicked like the search bar)