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Can I update the color scheme Firefox detects from the system without relogin/temporarily?

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I am on KDE Neon, a Ubuntu derivative, really happy that Firefox is able to detect my system color scheme and adapt to be light or dark respectively. But there is a problem: If I switch between the light/dark theme in the system settings, Firefox stays with the original one until I log out and back in.

I could see two solutions to this: - Find out why Firefox doesn't immediately detect the color scheme update and fix that - Trick Firefox into thinking the system has a different scheme temporarily, probably via some command-line magic

I know that I can manually change the theme, but then I have to change it back later in both my System and Firefox, which I am trying to avoid, so I am searching for something automatable.

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What would already help with this is knowing how it detects the color scheme - maybe I can manipulate some variable to trick it?


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