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Is the VPN hola! automatically installed into the private brower of mozilla?

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I was accused of installing a plugin into my computer, and I have no recollection of me pressing download/install. I am confused and blind sided. My question is, does Hola! come with Mozilla private browser without the users knowledge or do I have to accept it for it to be used?

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Firefox doesn't come with the Hola VPN extension, so you can uninstall this extension if you do not want to use it.

If you are in the US area then you may get an offer to use Firefox Private Network.

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I am in the US. Is there the possibility that it was installed without my consent while using the private browser?

I ask since I have no recollection of going through and installing it, and I've used extensions and programs of this nature in the past just not in this occasion.

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Can you clarify what you mean with private browser ?

Is that about using Firefox in Private Browsing mode or are you referring to using Firefox in general ?

You can have accidentally clicked a link to install the extension, but that would normally give you a drop down doorhanger asking whether you want to install the extension.

Do you see Hola listed on the about:addons page under Extension ?

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At work I use the Mozilla private browser to stop the Advertisement from my local newspaper, and I was emailed that I installed hola!.

I went to my extensions and I did not see it installed, but the head of security is alleging that I did.

I know that Hola! is not to be trusted so I'm asking if it is possible that unbeknownst to me it was installed. I do not recall the loading and installing drop down that you mention so I am confused to say the least.

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If you do not see the extension listed on the about:addons page and on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page then it is likely that you do not have it.

A VPN extension gives you another IP, so you can verify that your still use the IP as provide by your ISP.