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Firerox properties target field filled up with URLs (having FF open preset tabs)

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HI everyone, On my desktop, I have a Firefox shortcut that has a bunch of tinyurl in the target field that opens a load of tabs for me.

Other desktop firefox shortcuts open the browser normally on my homepage.

The problem is, the target field isn't big enough, there's only room for 5 tinyurls. Or to be exact, any after the first 5 are ignored. Really, I need more, as many as 10. Is there another way of achieving this?

Note that I want this to be applied to a single Firefox desktop shortcut, so I can have one shortcut open the brower 'preloaded' with these tabs and another shortcut that opens the browser normally.



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Hi pauleden, I think your best, and maybe only, option is to create another Profile. Have desktop shortcuts to target each. In one of them, set the tinyurls in the Custom URLs... for the Home Page.

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If you mean starting Firefox with a lot of URL specified on the target lien then you can use a CMD file to start Firefox. When you use a .cmd file with the start command there isn't a limitation.

  • start "" "<path-to firefox>\firefox.exe" url1 url2

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