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Can I configure different keyboard shortcuts for pinned tabs?

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I regularly have 4 to 6 pinned tabs open, but would still like to be able to open my regular tabs with the `cmd+1–9` shortcuts. Is there a way to configure Firefox to use a different shortcut for the pinned tabs? It would be great to be able to have something like `cmd+option+1–9` be the pinned tabs, with `cmd+1–9` be the regular tabs.

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I do not know of any extension that does this. Perhaps you can make a feature request for this functionality on the GitHub repo for the Shortkeys extension: https://github.com/mikecrittenden/shortkeys

They currently have a shortcut action to jump to tab by index, but I do not think they have the functionality that you want built in. It might also be achievable via custom js in that extension. Though I am not sure.