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Firefox for Mac 72.0.1 prints only 3 pages of a web page. There seems to be a problem with Print Preview or Apple's Preview application or both, their interaction.

I've tried all of the suggestions. I tried all the print options. I tried using the Print Edit extension. I disabled extensions. I used safe mode. I tried deleting all the Preview prefs. I tried deleting every trace of Firefox and Mozilla from my hard drive, then reinstalling Firefox. I deleted and reinstalled my printer drivers for a monochrome Brother laser printer HLL 2370 that is only a few months old. I'm running macOS 10.11.6

Web pages print correctly in Brave, Safari, and iCab. Therefore this is a problem with Firefox. It's a perennial problem that I have had for many years. I have ALWAYS had problems printing web pages in Firefox. It's always something. I don't understand how something so basic can continue to go unfixed when other browsers don't have a problem with it. I'm baffled by the whole thing.

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Yes, that issue baffles me too, since the first day I started using Firefox in Aug 2002, when it was called Phoenix.

Try using this extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/printable-the-print-doctor/

Works for me on Windows, hope it works as good on MacOSX.

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Thanks for the fresh suggestion. But it didn't work.

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What works for me is copying and pasting a web page into LibreOffice, which does an excellent job of maintaining formatting, including charts and many graphics and pictures. You can always download the picture to your hard drive, then drag and drop into onto your document. This wasn't an option for me until LibreOffice came to the Mac, so it's a great relief.

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Take your pick. Or maybe... just don't look at all. I have never been a overly-printy person, especially from the web, so i had never noticed. But now i can't un-see what i just saw.

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Translated into English, this means Bugzilla is a web site on which problems (bugs) with Firefox are reported and sometimes solved. It's a technical site that appears to be read by programmers. The errors go back many years, but that doesn't surprise me. I expect mistakes in any line of work. I only ask that people try to learn from their mistakes.

What surprises me is the persistence of problems (with printing) for so many years that other browsers seemed to have solved. I'm holding out the idea that this is somehow Apple's fault, which is often the case these days in their rush to change change change to make more cash cash cash. I like it better when Apple was a computer company. Now it makes...TV shows? Good Lord, why? TV is part of the problem.

iCab is written by one man in Germany, but he doesn't have as many problems with printing. The Mozilla Foundation presumably has a large team of "A student" programmers working on Firefox.

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Yes, there are pages of printing bugs, many have had a bit of a lifetime. I haven't seen such a long list of unfixed bugs while searching for any other term in the bug tracker.

I hate printers and printing and their entire business model, which just gets worse with time. But this one can't be put on them. The abstraction layer an OS presents to an application for printing can't change faster than Firefox does, so who knows what's up with that.

Not sure what the difficulty with "print more than 3 pages" is, but i would guess that printing is not the current development focus (and apparently never was) while they completely change the back end code in Firefox a little bit at a time. So maybe when they finish turning it into chromium...

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Firefox 74.0 MacOX 10.14.6

I don't print a lot but sometimes I want to get a hardcopy of a portion of a page for online reference.

It appears as though the print function is not traversing the whole hierarchy of the page. It gets may of the top level elements and then stops. Unfortunately most of the content is down at the lower levels.

Some sites offer a "printer friendly" style that seems to extract the content and these seem to print just fine. But without that Firefox simply fails to create a complete printed document (output to PDF fails as well.)

Big bug in my opinion.