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Fix Context3D not available

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I searched for a fix, it says (from 2016) if you are using 64 bit firefox you must switch to 32, beause the flashplayer for 64 bit firefox doesn't support Context3D. But that is completely irrelevant because I am using a 32bit firefox and getting the error. from what I've searched it's not flashplayer causing it. and I have just installed the newest flashplayer.

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Enter about:config in the URL bar and switch the preference dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled.

Is now OK?

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it was false but after switching to true, I still get the error. I have found that the same swf works in an older standallone flash version (25), where as it does not work on flash player v32.

Adobe broke something is my guess now.

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I might hazard a guess that the latest Flash doesn't support FF 51. They only maintain Flash with respect to the current browser releases, so something certainly could have broken.

Have your tried starting Firefox in Safe Mode ☰Menu → Help → Restart with add-ons disabled

Or with a new profile: Type about:profiles in the address bar. Click Create a New Profile Give it a name. Do not "choose folder" Click Finish Scroll to the new profile Click Launch Profile in new Browser Close the original browser window

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I am hessitant to do that, I disabled updates to keep some old addons which are not signed(and no longer available in new firefox and no valid replacements). Every once in a while I get a ping from mozilla's servers which disables these addons and it's troublesome to get them reinstalled from the xpis.

Starting in safe mode without addons would probably trigger the addons to be dropped again in the non-safe mode version on restart. and creating a new profile would likely erase the addon installation history and force some addons to be disabled and only loaded as temporary addons.

So I'm hoping to avoid this.

Later I will try to downgrade my flash version and see if it fixes the problem.

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You can run a new version of Firefox from a different release channel for your problematic sites - they won't overlap or conflict.

For example, usually have the regular Firefox and Firefox Developer installed. Developer is essentially a slick Beta. Neither the applications nor the profiles are shared.

Another option is to get a portable package for FF. These are self-contained, you can carry them around on a flash drive. The profile is in the same folder as the application, nothing is installed elsewhere. https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable