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How can I change the font size of tabs and menu?

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I used to use Theme & Font Size Changer and was able to change the fonts to large and bold so I could read them. Now it doesn't work because of Firefox "upgrades". There really should be an easier way to change fonts, both sizes and colors, because not everyone is 20 years old with great eyesight. Is there a fairly easy way to do this? I'll even take a not-so-easy way if it works.

BTW, I've used "Firefox Colors" and it does make it a bit easier, but I really need to be able to increase the size of the text AND bold it.

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Please enter about:config in the URL bar and set layout.css.devPixelsPerPx = 3, or any other value that suits you.

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Excellent! Thank you. I was able to change the size so I can read it. Is there some way to bold the font?

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Ty's suggestion helped somewhat in adding space around text in tabs and menu, but the actual theme font size in those areas is unchanged, as well as the buttons to minimize/maximize/close. At the same time, the web window fonts are now way too large and I have to zoom out.

I recently updated Ubuntu from an ancient version, and my new laptop is widescreen. Combine that with the fact that I wear corrective lenses (like many bookworms/nerds) and this is a real pain as the interface isn't easy on the eyes.

I want to increase the size of all the theme fonts/buttons without affecting the web windows. Like Rosa mentioned, even the ability to make the font bolded would be very helpful.

Can this visual accessibility problem be solved?

Thank you

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There is intelligent life on earth. Thank you Masalaflower !

Masalaflower 's response with clearly stated, restated explanation of the initial Firefox GUI accessibility issue/question - is a welcome sight, and sound of its own. I just hope it's clarity and receives an equally clear response that achieves the stated goal. Still waiting (2017-2020 now).

Also hope that the response will achieve the goal: 'Allow Firefox users to increase the font size and appearance (bold) of text and icons within Firefox's menu and task bar' by adding this User experience tool to Firefox Browsers TOOL >Options, so that it can be easily accessed by Firefox users.

It's a basic User Experience GUI issue. Once available and very useful, yet for unknown to many - no longer available (2017) with the same ease.

Firefox, please consider, please respect your long term user expectations of User Experience GUI consistency before changing formal your User Interface's primary Human Factors functions. And please don't argue this, >enough words and time has been spent already.

Sincerely, a Firefox 2004 > Mozilla > Net Navigator > even Mosaic user for more than a few months [wink]

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This is a way that I managed to Stop myself from trying to find a Firefox solution to the itsy-bitsy fonts within Firefox's Header, Menu, Bookmarks, Icons. A way that I thought would be found in Firefox Tool> Options, but wasn't.

  • I'm using a 27"2560X1440 resolution monitor and Windows 10.0.18363 Build 18363
  • The date is June 27, 2020 (I do not know how long this work around will work)

It was something of a silly find.

1) First BOLD Font:

If the BOLD feature is a must. Type in Fonts into the Windows OS search field. Fonts are berried in System Tools Personalization, then select a preset Bold font.

2) Now make the text bigger:

A) Type "make text bigger" into the Windows Search field (should be berried in Display System tools)

B) Drag the slider to the percentage bigger that works for you.

C) done (lowercase/sorta).

End note: In addition to Firefox this worked with Outlook 2010, menus, Taskbar, etc. It didn't work with Adobe (Legacy, older than 5 years) Products.

Granted these primary user interface features used to be available in greater detail with more nuanced control, within Firefox as well as Windows OS. But I guess Sliders are the slick thing now.

As the guy said to the other guy, "We're all in the same boat". The other returned, "Yeah we just have to keep swimming." Then the guy nobody noticed said: ~ "Wait, if we're all swimming, and in a boat - what's really going down!?'

I hope this works for all that find this message. Especially, Masalaflower and rosawood because you wrote your questions so well.

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