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Can I restore 200+ tabs lost while recovering Firefox 71.0? Also... Can one group open tabs?

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help. I recently had to restore my profile/settings in Firefox 71.0 from an earlier version saved on Time Machine. (MacBook Pro, 10.9.5). Even though all my tabs were present and working, it showed no bookmarks, no history, created no new history, etc. It successfully restored all of my bookmarks, allowed me to create history once again, etc. However, the 200+ (I know, I know....!) tabs that were open disappeared.

I did in fact save the default file before restoring, and as well FF created a folder of Old Firefox Data. Are my previous tabs in there, and if so, can they be reinstated to my current FF without messing anything up? (I plan to cull them way down once I can see them).

Which leads to...is there a way to group open tabs together for the future?

Thanks very much!

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Oh, and once accomplished, can I delete the Old Firefox Data folder from my desktop?