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You RUINED Firefox! How can I fix it?

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The latest update of Firefox, Ver. 71.0 is PITIFUL AND A POS! Firefox forced an update even though I have had it set to allow ME to decide when to update for years. Then when it updated it became V E R Y S L O W! And my PureVPN extension no longer works, even when I had to log in again manually. Firefox will no longer be my default browser until you fix ALL these problems: 1. Forced updates 2. Slowness 3. PureVPN MUST work!

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You can still use PureVPN, possibly you need to update your extension? https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/purevpn-for-privacy-security/

As for updates, you should never turn off updates to your browser, it is very unsafe to have Firefox running out of date.

You say you are experiencing slowness, can you clarify where?

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It is for this very reason that I prefer to decided when I will update! ALL of my extensions, including PureVPN report being up to date! Almost every page loads VERY slowly starting with the update to version 71.0! But thanks anyway for trying and please tell you developers to go back to school. Until then, another browser will be my default.

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Had you checked the About Firefox page in Help which displays the version? This, apparently, resets any setting one chooses to update Firefox manually. You can uninstall Firefox and install an older version (if you absolutely must), but sometimes downgrading will destroy or ignore a profile from a newer version, so back that up if it is important to you. I would highly suggest checking or waiting for the updated extension, however. (Or forgo such extensions and just add VPNs to the networks in the network settings of your OS. No more worries.)

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I've had it Firefox (71.0). It's a continual PITA. Goodbye Firefox!!!