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In TBird 68.x series when using Unified Folders, the 'Close message window/tab on move or delete option' leaves the window open after move/delete

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This option behaves as expected when not using unifled folders, for example just looking at the inbox for a single account. It did behave in earlier releases of Thunderbird - at least, I'm fairly sure it did. Currently using 68.2.1 (32 bit)

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

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I can't reproduce that in 68.2.1 32-bit on W10: the window or tab closes when a message in Unified View is deleted. Try repairing Unified by deleting the smart mailboxes folder and virtualfolders.dat from the profile folder:


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Many thanks for the suggestion, but deleting the smart mailboxes folder and virtualfolders.dat from the profile folder doesn't fix it. I have attached a screenshot showing the reading window with a mail that I deleted with subject 'Top post ....' still open and also showing the unified inbox without the message - it was, correctly, moved to the trash folder when it was deleted.

This was a manual update from the previous series of Thunderbird (at the time, and maybe still, the automatic check for updates didn't update to 68.x so I downloaded the installer manually). I guess I could try a complete fresh install of Thunderbird, including deleting the profile folder, but that seems a bit drastic.

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My profile is the same one that was used for TB 60 before updating (to 68, 68.1, 68.2...), so I don't know if this happens in a profile created by 68. First, run in safe mode (hold Shift when you launch TB) and see if the problem remains. If you want to test in a new profile without affecting your current profile, use Profile Manager to create a new one:

Windows key+R, type thunderbird.exe -p

If the problem can't be fixed in the old profile, but doesn't happen in the new one, you can transfer data from the old to the new.

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I've tried with both safe mode (tried this before) and a new profile and the problem persists. I see this on 2 laptops, not just one, so it's repeatable for me between different installations of Thunderbird, both version 68.2.1

Just to clarify, if I'm in one of the Inbox-es in the list of Inbox-es using unified folders all is fine; it's when I'm actually in the unified Inbox that the problem arises.

To check back, I'll install an earlier version to to be sure I only see it with the 68.x series.

Would a copy of my profile directory help?


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Quick update - I've just installed 60.5.3 on one of the laptops, after uninstalling 68.2.1 and deleting the profile folder, and that behaves as expected.

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No need to list the profile, but if you've demonstrated the flaw in a clean profile, you could submit it to Bugzilla as a regression:


As a further test, I didn't find this happening in TB 71b2.

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please DO file a bug report

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Thanks to sfhowes for feedback. This seems odd to me - I can reproduce this on 2 entirely separate machines (I'll try it on a third one out of interest, then I run out of hardware :-) ) so it's readily repeatable in my case, yet (s)he can't reproduce this.

Yes, I'll certainly file a bug report. Might be a couple of days before I have chance to file this.

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I have been experimenting further with as clean an installation as possible (hence the first couple of steps below) to see if there is any interaction with other options. Would sfhowes and/or Wayne Mery see if this is repeatable before I file a bug report:

Remove any installations of Thunderbird including the profile folder Install Thunderbird from download site https://www.thunderbird.net/en-GB/ taking default options - at the time of writing this installs 68.2.2 (32 bit) Set up initial account - in my case hosted on chimail.uk2.net using IMAP on port 993 and SMTP on port 465 In Settings, specify Tools/Options and select 'Open messages in:An existing message window' and 'Close message window/tab on move or delete' Add a second account Select Unified folders from View/Folders/Unified Select the unified Inbox Open a mail - this opens in a new message window, as expected Delete the mail - it closes the window, as expected

  • but*:

Select View/Sort By/Descending/Threaded and repeat - the window then stays open after deleting a message

There is not a problem if I select one of the Inbox-es in the list of Inox-es in the Unified Inbox - itis only when I am viewing the Unified Inbox. Pre-68.x versions also don't show this problem.

Thanks and regards

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Performed some tests:

Windows 10 Thunderbird 68.2.1 Set Unified view Set Sort by to include threaded Set options: Open messages in: 'An existing message window' and 'Close message window/tab on move or delete'

Double click to open any message - not necessarilly a threaded email. email opens in new window. Click on 'Delete' button Window with deleted messages remains open, but note the 'Delete' button has been removed.

Agree with Paul Hatton - this is a bug.

Also occurs if : Set options: Open messages in: 'An new message window' and 'Close message window/tab on move or delete' Open email, email opens in new window, click on 'Delete'. Same result as above.

Wow... Set options: Open messages in: 'A new tab' and 'Close message window/tab on move or delete' Open email, email shows in tab. Click on Delete Thunderbird program closed immediately - crashed :( Crash reporter: bp-bc481bac-c68c-4828-a422-b32a70191108

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If you have solid steps to reproduce the crash please comment in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=646168 Thanks

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Clearly a bug regarding the Unified Inbox using sort by with threading and options set to open in new window or existing window. Email window does not close and the 'Delete' button is remove, Actual Email is deleted.

Regarding the 'new tab' crash - I know the exact steps, but trying to get a crash again is proving illusive.

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Just updated https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=646168 as requested.