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How to share the tabs across all open windows?

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Hi, I work in GNU/Linux + Gnome with several tabs (around 100). They have different context (research, personal, related to a course, and work; are some examples). I use several windows with several tabs each. I would like to have one group per window, to be able to close a window and not losing the tabs it had, (to close all the windows and be able to reopen them).

I cannot find a way to organize my tabs in such a way that windows don't isolate their tabs. There are plenty of add-ons to group tabs. But all of them end up hiding/unhiding the tabs of only the current window.

It looks that the underlying architecture is this: OS has Firefox. Firefox has Windows. Windows have tabs. Tabs are manageable only in the window they belong to.

Therefore, every window is only aware of its own group of tabs.

What I am looking for is a different approach, or at least the illusion of it: OS has Firefox Firefox has Tabs. Tabs are manageable, from any instance of a window.

Therefore, the window is only a viewer that is aware of all the tabs.

The plug-ins: Panorama Tab Group, Simple Tab Groups, and similar work a bit, but if I open a new window, and do some browsing, the old window does not know anything in the new window.

Is there a setting/plugin that can solve this problem? maybe I am missing some setting or I just don't know how to use the plugins... Thanks for your time. Best

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Nevermind, I found exactly what I needed in "Sync Tab Group"

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David Aaron said

Hey! There's a simple solution to this. You can find it in the extension that is Sync Tab Group. You just need to sync everything. Here's an image of the Add-on you can use.

Thanks for sharing this! It helped me solve the problem. Extension worked!