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I can't sign in to ebay via firefox quantum, sign in box is lt gray color....no problem for other sites on browser...any ideas?

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I can fill in user and password but the 'button' box id light gray color and doesn't respond ..........I've just starting having this problem a couple of days ago...cleared all data, caches, cookies...no help.....every other sign-in on sites are OK, only have this problem on eBay *(see screen shot)*.....My sign in works of other browsers but now not Firefox....any suggestions? Thanks!...

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Hi lazjay, Are you logging in with a stored username & password? Check that it is accurate.

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Yes...stored user & passwords....checked over and over as attempted to sign-in.. Same pass-user words works on Safari, etc.....stumped on my end....Thanks for the reply

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Try starting Firefox in it's Safe Mode to see if the problem persists.

Safe Mode temporarily turns off hardware acceleration, resets some settings, and disables add-ons (extensions and themes) that might be causing problems.

With Firefox open: Select Menu Select Help Select Restart With Add-ons Disabled On the dialog select Restart On the next dialog select Start In Safe Mode (Do Not select Refresh)

With Firefox closed: Press and hold the Shift key Launch Firefox On the dialog select Start In Safe Mode (Do Not select Refresh)

(Your Bookmarks Toolbar will be turned off. Right-click on the Toolbar and select Bookmarks Toolbar to display it again.)

To quit Safe Mode: Select Menu Select Help Select Restart With Add-ons Enabled

Or Exit Firefox.

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Sorry. In Mac -

With Firefox closed: Press and hold the Option key Launch Firefox On the dialog select Start In Safe Mode (Do Not select Refresh)

Geändert am von RobertJ

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Nope....I did exactly as you instructed....no change...I might add that when I hit my saved "eBay" button in the toolbar that goes to the eBay site, that operation works perfectly, all displayed as expected...but when I go to the "sign in" request...the sign-in tab box is already gray, non responsive.......even before I enter user & password...

Thanks for your help.....much appreciated....

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When I visit the Ebay sign-in, the Sign In button is greyed out for a second then it turns blue. I don't have a sign-in, though. When I go to Create An Account, the Create Account button is greyed out until I fill in all of the information.

I'm using Strict Content Blocking and you disabled your extensions in Safe Mode. The only thing left that I can think of is your security software.

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OK, ...SECURITY SOFTWARE.....but this might be getting above my tech knowledge.....I have to leave my place for a couple of hours and will try to check the security software when I return later.......I have no "special" security in place except for the Firefox security software and a Malwarebytes Premium scanning program...but don't have a problem with any other sites except with this eBay sign-in issue.

I now realized that this all happened on September 3rd when there was an update to Firefox...could that have something to do with it?

Many thanks again Slippin' Cheese...!....I'll advise what I find...or don't find later on today.

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There were a lot of security fixes. I'll look to see if anything is relevant.

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Thanks again!

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When you get back -

I also have Malwarebytes Premium. It wouldn't effect this. (Keep an eye out for Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension for Firefox.)

I couldn't find anything in the FF 69.0 Release Notes which might contribute to this.

Another option is Forget About This Site. It deletes all information about the specific site: cache, cookies, site data, history, logins & passwords, everything except bookmarks.

If you want to try that, go to your History Right-click on an Ebay entry and select Forget About This Site. You'll have to enter your Master Password.

Go to Ebay and see if the Sign In button is still greyed out.

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Ok, I'm back.....I tried the "Forget About this site" and that didn't change anything on eBay sign-in...

I then went into "Privacy & Security" preferences.....my setting is on "Standard" Content Blocking in Browser preferences.....but am not sure what else I should be looking for..... so I didn't change anything.....so I'm at the same "no eBay sign-in" status as of now.....

Also, I read about the Malwarebytes extension for Firefox....and Firefox had no listing for it and then I found this through Chrome....

"The company changed the name to Malwarebytes Browser Extension later on, and announced on September 1, 2019 that it launched the first stable version of the extension.

Going forward, that extension is known as Malwarebytes Browser Guard. The extension is available for Chrome only currently as the Firefox extension was pulled by Malwarebytes because of a few issues that needed fixing."

So I'll have to wait for their fixes on that, thanks.

I can't thank you enough for all your help....I only live on the 3rd floor of an apt building so throwing the whole Mac desktop out the window wouldn't help since there's grass below......now that would be a re-start!

Please let me know if you come up with anything else I could try..... Best regards, Jay

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If I think of anything else, I'll let you know right away. There are others here who will probably see this and might think of something that I overlooked. You won't be forgotten about!

I had the Malwarebytes Extension and it automatically updated to Browser Guard. It's probably going through critiquing with Mozilla before it will be available.

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Oh, If you need anything from Ebay let me know. I have an account with them now.

(Just kidding)

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"If you need anything from Ebay let me know. I have an account with them now.....(Just kidding"

Ha!......no problem since I can use it through either Safari or Chrome without a sign in issue....

I most certainly appreciate all of your input.....I will do some inquiries with some computer savvy guys I know....and let you know of course if they (or I ) come up with any solution....now it's become a challenge!

Good to not be forgotten in life.....even on the internet.

Thanks so much...take care!

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Hi lazjay,

You were right. It is a challenge! I've been searching all over the place for 'Sign in button is gray'...

...So far, I found some really great deals on gray buttons, light gray buttons, sewing buttons...

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Hi again Cheese is Slippin'....

Do you think that un-installing Firefox, then re-installing it would reset everything and is possibly a solution....*But....'would I loose all of my bookmarks, saved stuff?

Thanks, Jay

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Hey lazjay, Firefox is basically broken down into two parts. 1) Program Files and 2) Profile(s)

Re-installing only effects the Program Files side and doesn't effect your Profile - you won't lose any of your "stuff" You can try it but... I'm not too sure that it would matter.

On the Profiles side, you can create a new 'Test Profile' which would have all of the default settings and config entries without any extensions or themes getting in the way. It's basically doing a Refresh without all of the headache.

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OK, so 'Test Profile' might help......will have to try it....if I can figure out how to.

I asked a couple of my friends about all this ...they claim to have tech knowledge and they were useless for this particular issue.

family events today so I'll explore this 'profiles' method later today .... Many thanks again....enjoy your day! Jay

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OK Have fun. I'll post how to do a Test Profile for you.

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Thanks so much...once again!

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