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I had issues with Firefox 44.0. I removed and then tried re-installing latest version of Firefox, but it tells me that it cannot install and to retry again.

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I am using Windows 10. Firefox 44.0 crashed. When I tried to reopen it it said a duplicate was running. I checked the Task Manager, there was no Firefox listed. Then I removed Firefox 44.0 and rebooted my machine and reinstalled Firefox 44.0. It said the same thing but when I clicked to close it, this time it said the profile was missing. I removed FireFox 44.0 and rebooted my machine. I downloaded the latest version from Mozilla's website and tried to install it but it tells me that "For some reason it could not install the latest version" and to try to start it again.

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I would advise updating to the newest version of FireFox and seeing if that works.