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Only 1 tab does not show icon (in Firefox only)

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Only tab 'My Lastpass Vault' has no icon and only with Firefox

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The tab 'My LastPass Vault' still does NOT show the three red dots which is the icon of that application. I'm now typing this post using Windows 7, but maybe if using Windows 10 , it might be the same problem.

There is also another (old) 'known issue' with Firefox. Firefox does not show a TITLE bar most of the time. The true reason is not known and has been discussed in several topics.

However, using Windows 10, I managed somehow to make appear the TITLE bar, showing not only the fox icon but also the menu (File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help), both on the same bar. So , the title bar does not need the whole screen width only for 2 words FIREFOX BROWSER.

Don't ask me how I did it. I recall to have changed one setting of FF. Now it is nice to use a browser that can be identified. At last, the FIREFOX icon in a real TITLE BAR !

I believe that when all applications are looking alike (only showing tabs, but no title) it is disturbing not to know what application is on screen !

I challenge anyone to tell which browser is being displayed on my screen. With all those addons, one might even think that it is not even a browser.

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