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How not to cycle in the search bar using keyboard shortcut

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Earlier, I focused the search bar with ctrl+k, type the researched words, and used ctrl+up/down arrows to select the search engine. Let's say I wanted to use the first search engine: I had to press ctrl+up arrow until I select the first search engine. Pressing again ctrl+up arrow did not change the search engine.

This was useful because to select quickly the first search engine I didn't have to focus and read the search engine field: I just had to see when the search engine field didn't change upon subsequent ctrl+up arrow key stroke. (The same happened with the last search engine using ctrl+down arrow)

Now, if the first search engine is selected, pressing ctrl+up arrow select the last search engine, so I cannot quickly select the first (or last) search engine without focusing on the search field.

Is there a way, apart from adding a keyword to a search engine, for quickly selecting a specific search engine in the search bar?

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Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to change this behavior back to what it did before.

The other way to set the default search engine is right-click > Set As Default Search Engine but if you are trying to avoid the mouse, that won't really help you.

If it would make you life easier, you could change the order of the icons by dragging them up and down in the "One-Click Search Engines" list box on the Preferences page.