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Some add-on information was lost after a crash

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So a while ago I accidentally put my PC into hibernate mode, after waking it back up the PC proceeded to crash. (This has been a problem with my PC since I got it. Still don't know why it can't go into hibernate mode without it crashing but this is not the issue right now.)

Anyway after the crash, I log back in and everything for the most part is fine, except Firefox. I had firefox open when it crashed, so I expected it to be effected, but for some reason a lot of my add-on data just disappeared. For instance, a lot of tabs opened up as if I got the add-on for the first time, which can't be right. Stylish lost its webpage edits, Reddit Enhancement Suite's setting information got reset, the theme I was using wasn't active and I had to turn it back on, and the toolbar(not sure what you call it) had reset back to the default appearance with the flexible space and what not. I want to get back the firefox information before the crash. I would think firefox sync would fix this but it didn't. I'm very confused on why this happened.

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If you have sync, and there is a problem anywhere, Shut Down Sync Immediately On All Devices to prevent the problem from spreading. Once the problem is fixed, perform the same repair on all computers/profiles before using sync again.

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As you may have heard, there was a problem with many add-ons because a certificate had expired. It looks like you got the fix:

hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate 1.0.2 (hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate@mozilla.com)

It’s possible that there is a problem with the file(s) that store the extensions registry.

Type about:support in the address bar and press enter.

Under the page logo on the left side, you will see Application Basics. Under this find Profile Folder. To its right press the button Show Folder. This will open your file browser to the current Firefox profile. Now Close Firefox.

Windows: Show Folder; Linux: Open Directory; Mac: Show in Finder

Linux: Under the page logo on the left side, you will see Application Basics. Under this find Profile Directory. To its right press the button Open Directory.

Delete all extensions* files and compatibility.ini in the Firefox profile folder to reset the extensions registry.

New files will be created when required.

After, restart Firefox.

See "Corrupt extension files":

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You will have to approve the updating one last time.