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My Thunderbird account disappeared and all emails in my inbox and saved emails. What happened??

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I opened Thunderbird and there were no accounts and the T-bird add account window was open with my name in the user block and wanted my email address and password. I created a new account and it download my emails but all my old emails in my inbox were gone along with all of my local folders and the emails in them. How can I get them back and what happen?

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There's often this problem right now. I transfer your question to the helpdesk


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How do I contact the helpdesk. I haven't heard anything from them.

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Perhaps you originally posted this question in the Firefox Support and you were swapped over to Thunderbird Support.

Maybe Thunderbird lost track of your mail account or your profile.

Let's try to find out if this is the case. In Thunderbird

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information
  • click on 'Open folder' button

A new window opens showing the contents of your profile name folder.

How many profile name folders are in the 'Profiles' folder?

  • click on the > arrow next to 'Profiles'

A drop down will show you what is stored. See image below as guide. In the example image there is only one listed and I'm open on that profile name.

  • Either post an image or tell me exactly what you see and the names of the profiles.

Each profile name will look like this: xxxxxxxx.default where the x's are letters and numbers.

How many pop mail accounts are in the currently used profile name folder: It sounds like you were using a pop mail account. If yes, it was pop:

  • Click on 'Mail' folder to see contents.

What do you see? Is there more than one pop mail account?

  • Tell me the names of the pop mail accounts.

You will also see 'Local Folders'.

  • Is there more than one 'Local Folders' mail account?
  • Post an image if there is more than one.