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Problem with Firefox and Thunderbird automatic update

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Hello, in company we have around 100 PC. All are in domain and have Firefox and Thunderbird. On both Firefox and Thunderbird is selected Automatic update All this PC was shutdown every day and have one user with power user profile. I see that around 1/3 of this PC automatic update simple not work. And sometimes stay few version back. What can block this update? What I can do to have work also in this PC-s automatic update?

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Go to one of the 'old' units an try to do a manual update.

If that should fail, Download Firefox For All languages And Systems {web link}

Make sure the update/installer are not blocked.

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Thanks for replay. Manual update ever work. I look to find why on some Pc automatic update simple not work

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kigor said

Manual update ever work

Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? What is the exact error messages?

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No error messages. Simple auto update on some pc work and or other not. I look to find what block auto update

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If the user never starts Firefox, it won't be updated. Could that be the issue?

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Firefox needs to be running to do the update within itself. After, it will restart itself.