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Size what is the size of the download and complete package

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What ? is the size of the download and whole package of the default Firefox Browser.

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Use this link; http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ The full installer is about 50,000 bytes.

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As an example, this page shows the size of the DMG file for installing Firefox 66.0, English-US, on Mac:


You probably will find variations among versions, operating systems, and maybe even among languages, but that should give you a ballpark.

If you need to know the footprint after installation, go ahead and install it and measure on your system. I run Windows, so I can't tell you for Mac.

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Hello Thank you for the responce. I do apolagize for my slow reply. I have little time for corrispondence in a 24 hour clock time schedule.

The M size as indicated is found here


If any one is interested in a comparison to MB. Or feels as though it is necessary to cross exam interigate the person who wrote the varable that is associated with the size equalls numerical representation.

or here


Thank you

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Does that mean you have the information you needed, or not??

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It seems weird that the full MAR update version is a lot smaller than the full release version (48 MB versus 64 MB; same on Linux; better compression?).