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When I visit certain sites from Firefox it's like CSS is disabled?

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I use Firefox for school on my school laptop and the school desktops, which works fine. At work though, when I visit certain sites, Firefox almost acts like CSS is being disabled. I have taken a screenshot (attached) which shows how our school site looks on my work machine. The URL to the site is this: http://helenacollege.edu/

The only add-ons I'm using are: 1. Adobe Acrobat (currently disabled) 2.Open H264 Video (default Firefox plugin) 3.Widevine Content Decryption Module (default Firefox plugin)

So I don't think the add-ons are a problem. I have tried clearing all cookies, website data, and the cache, all of which hasn't solved the issue. I also get an error message saying the latest Firefox updates can't be downloaded and I need to do a fresh install. I have tried the fresh install, but the issue persists.

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I must have missed adding the image, since I don't see it on my original post