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Brief RSS Readed not responding. Popup prompts "What should Firefox do with this file" after clicking a subscriber feed. How do I add new feeds to Brief addon?

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When subscribing to a RSS feed (example: https://www.jetreports.com/blog/feed/) by clicking on an RSS Feed icon, Firefox is asking for a specific Helper Application to open the downloaded application/rss+xml file.

As Brief is a Firefox add-on, is it not available among the Helper Application list in the "Opening/You Have Chosen To Open" popup window. Nor can I hit the "Subscribe" option inside the URL address field, as this is inactive when opening the blog page. How can I add new feeds to Brief ?

My Firefox is 65.0.2 (64 bit) on Windows 10. Brief is version 2.5.9.

Really urge Mozilla to bring back the native RSS support. Ripping this feature out was a BIG mistake.

Note: Have seen "https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1250317", but do not understand how this was "solved" ...

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  1. This is fault of this website. You have to ask the website owner, why there's no proper feed declaration in the header.
  2. You can workaround it, by exporting your rss list, add another feed, then import it back to Brief.