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I cannot download anything including addons

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I cannot download anything. I cannot install ANY extension. uBlock extension. The only thing that works with so called third-party content -> onto my PC is `save-as`. I am struggling with this for more than a few hours and have tried EVERYTHING. I mean LITERALY EVERYTHING that can be found regarding this. Chromium browser works normally.

Have tried with default firefox-esr that ships with debian, and with Quantum 65 (current) version. Not a single change. I am using Debian (stable) Stretch, and no it is not firewall issue nor it is connection (proxy setup) issue, I strongly believe. Like I said, chromium just - works and I don't have sympathy for chromium nor I would like to gain some.

I am not even unable to upload an images of the issues I am experiencing.

"Uploading "test_download_file.png"..." ... for more than a 10 minutes.

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Here are two screenshots - from Chromium, as I am unable to upload a file either.

One image is for when I try to add an extension.

The other image is for when I try to download well, unameit.

To check my connection? Is it a bad proxy? No, it isn't. All defaults. Never used any proxy (other than default/system) so far for my entire life.