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Firefox stopped autofilling passwords

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About a week ago, Firefox suddenly stopped prompting for passwords and no long autofills passwords. I tried rolling back to v. 63, but it still won't work. If I go into options and check "ask to save logins and passwords," it works as long as Firefox is open. But as soon as I close Firefox, the option is no longer checked.

All my passwords as still there in Firefox, but they will no longer autofill. This literally started about a week ago and I have made NO changes to my computer. I do use Roboform, but I have used it alongside Firefox for many years with no issues. I did log out of Roboform, but Firefox passwords still did not work.

I build and repair computers for others, so do have a clue here. Any suggestions?

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Well, I spoke too soon. CRAP! When I reinstalled Roboform, I was back at square one. Before, I had just disabled it which you think would work. But once it was actually REMOVED from the Extensions, things went back to normal.

So, now we know that for some odd reason after many - at least 7 - years of using Roboform with Firefox, two weeks ago, they decided to stop working together. I can't remember, but was v.64.0 of Firefox released about that time?????

Guess I will have to go back to using Edge as the password manager there works just fine with Roboform, just like Firefox used to. *sigh*

Thank you so much for the help... can't tell you how much I appreciated it!

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Google Chrome users who contacted RoboForm Support said last year that a RoboForm update disabled the browser password manager. See: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/chrome/jmAiQ5qlz1U/jNysPeAlAgAJ Roboform update and now has disabled Chrome password save.

You say that you must now uninstall RoboForm to enable the Firefox Password Manager since disabling RoboForm doesn't work. It might have been another RoboForm update that disables the Firefox Password Manager as long as RoboForm is installed. I don't know about the RoboForm application but, according to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/roboform/ the last RoboForm extension update (Version was released Dec. 21, 2018. RoboForm Support is available here, if you want more information: https://www.roboform.com/support

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I will ask at the RoboForm forums if anyone else had this issue after the last update. However, I made note of when this started and it was December 14th. I didn't track down what was going on for a couple of weeks. and the last Firefox update was released on December 11th. Who knows. All I know is that everything works just fine in Edge... But I miss my Firefox which I've used since 2004!

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A WebExtension can't access and modify prefs like Legacy extensions could. Roboform must be installing an extra component on Windows that sets the pref to enable the Firefox Password Manager to false.

You can use the MSConfig program or the Autoruns utility to see what software is getting started (be cautious with disabling services).

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Thanks, cor-el. I posted to RoboForm and they responded that it is THEY who have disabled this just like they did with Chrome last year. Kind of a crock, if you ask me. I've moved to Edge where things work just fine together... until they decide to bollux that up too.

Certain conflicts arose between RoboForm and Firefox's built-in password manager when saving and filling forms, so we used the possibility offered by Firefox to block its own password manager to avoid collisions and confusion. Users are supposed to have either of the two at a time, not both.

The decision to replace the built-in browser password manager with RoboForm was made following the careful consideration of both end user and reviewer feedback. Such a setting modification is standard among modern password managers and is enabled by major browsers. In addition to browser password managers being less secure than RoboForm, receiving autosave password prompts from both the browser and RoboForm proved to be an added inconvenience. With that being said, while we cannot provide an ETA, we are still investigating the feasibility of simultaneously offering both options.

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Hi everyone, Thanks for putting me on the right track with this problem. :-) I was puzzled by this issue too, and I'm also a Roboform user on my PC. It's also installed on the "family" Windows 7 computer, where my wife and I and the children all have separate logins. I found that if I disabled the Roboform extension for one of the children's logins, the Firefox setting "ask to save logins and passwords for websites" on his login would remain ticked, and the autofill function would work correctly. (He probably doesn't need to use a more powerful password manager yet, as he's only 10 and has just 3 logins.) I'd rather have the option of using both, and have a warning appear when both are enabled, but the aforementioned workaround does the trick for now.

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Thanks Cor-el, Firefox Lockwise looks interesting, and I shall keep an eye on it's development. :-)

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It's RoboForm. I posted on their forums and the responded with some wishy-washy answer about a conflict. Well, no... there was no conflict. So, I've just moved over to using Edge, much as I hated to. No problems there until RoboForm decides to screw that up too.

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Thanks Draclvr. :-) Interestingly, Roboform can't find any forms to fill in when I use it to login to this support forum, and I have to drag the username and password from a Roboform window and drop them into the appropriate boxes. But that's a problem for the Roboform people to answer, of course. :-) As I said earlier, Firefox Lockwise looks interesting, and in any case, I'll probably abandon Windows for Linux when W7 becomes unsupported. (And keep using Firefox, of course! :-) )

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Just a heads-up. This thread was created on January 3, 2019. Support questions are automatically locked (archived), 180 days from the creation date. Since this thread is almost six months old and about to be locked, I would suggest starting a new thread if more help is needed.

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