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When I type my name into search bar. My age name andlocation immediatel comes up directing you to an opted out My life.com profile. It must be a cached item.

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p I have taken great pains to opt out of all these privacy sharing websites such as mylife.com. However, if I type my name in the search bar in my Firefox browser immediately on the top an non-existent listing for me from mylife .com appears with my name, age and location prominently displayed for all to see. Please remove this. There is no page. I want my identity protected and my privacy restored.

I am very upset with Firefox when C Google was able to do this easily with information I provided on a dedicated page.

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Hi Otter2018, are you using the address/search box on the main toolbar?

The bar can show a range of data, including suggestions from your default search engine, pages from your own history, or from your bookmarks, and tabs open in your browser. I'm attaching a screenshot illustrating what I mean.

Where is the unwanted suggestion coming from on yours?

If it is a history entry, please remove it from your history as follows:

Call up the Library window using either:

  • Ctrl+Shift+h
  • "Show All History" on one of the various History/Library menus

In the search box at the upper right of the Library window, enter enough text to pull up the unwanted reference in the list below.

Single-click the page (don't double-click) and then press the Delete key.

After that, it should no longer appear in address bar suggestions.

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Thank you.

Most of it disappeared. There is only one that remains it is peoplelooker.com

It is the most egregious and has copious information that trails back to phone numbers from when I was very young!

I have contacted this company multiple times by email. Nothing has resolved the problem as yet.

Your help was appreciated and worked save for that one site.


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Hi Otter2018, is the problem a Firefox history suggestion that you can't remove, or a Google (or other) search engine suggestion that keeps coming up?

You certainly should be able to remove Firefox history suggestions, but search engine suggestions aren't stored in Firefox, they are retrieved in real time, so for those, you need the search site to flush it.

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How did you manage to remove this data in Google Chrome?