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bookmark multiple tabs

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After latest Mozilla update the option to bookmark multiple tabs no longer available.

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more options

In Firefox 64+ you have a feature to select multiple tabs and perform actions on all selected tabs. You can select multiple tabs in the usual way for selecting items:

  • use "Select All Tabs" in the tab context menu to select all tabs
  • use Shift-click -> Range of tabs
  • use Ctrl-click -> Individual tab, works as a toggle

When more than one tab is selected then some "Tab" actions in the Tab bar context menu change to "Tabs" With multiple tabs selected or all tabs selected "Reload Tab" changes to "Reload Tabs" to reload all tabs. With multiple tabs selected or all tabs selected "Bookmark Tab" changes to "Bookmark Tabs" to bookmark all tabs. You can find "Bookmark All Tabs" in the Bookmarks menu on the Menu Bar or possibly use its shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+D). The "Bookmark All Tabs" menu item is only present when you use the keyboard to access the menu bar (e.g. Alt+B).

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That's weirdly complicated change for something so simply that worked in previous version.

Is it possible for Mozilla to bring back "bookmark all" tabs in the "Bookmarks" menu without having to use keyboard bypass. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to lock it behind keyboard shortcut to access the menu?

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I assume that this is a leftover form older days where you could use the Tab bar context menu with the mouse and the keyboard with the Bookmarks menu (you can't open the Tab bar context menu with the keyboard). Now that this is no longer the case then the devs might be willing to remove the class="show-only-for-keyboard" attribute in the Bookmarks menu that is causing this behavior.

more options

It is possible to use code in userChrome.css to have this menu item visible all the time.