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addons no longer available

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Hi: I am trying to decide do I just totally give up on Firefox after all these years and move to Chrome or is there some logical path for addons planned/in process that I do not know about.

It is like Firefox Management Team/Committee team made this technical decision with little understanding on the impact to the developers that had put in hard yards for years, or users who had been using these addons. I am at a loss when I try to understand why would they jeopardise so much.

Since Firefox went to that "new firefox", sorry I dont know the technical lingo, most of the addons I use became unavailable. I have since written to each developer to ask, will they be upgrading their addon and the answer is NO. So basically Firefox is only useful to me if

  • I stay in the old version on Mac Sierra OSX (55.0.3).
  • For the new windows 10 brand new laptop I tried also to create using the new Firefox and it was very unsuccessful as there are no addons even close to what I was using.

For the Cookies controller there are some close but nothing as good as this addon in terms of how I used it -- manually removed cookies.

On my Mac Firefox 55.0.3, I have the following addons (all these have the LEGACY yellow highlight tag in the list)

1 Cookie Controller

2 Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

3 Session Manager

4 New Add On Bar

5 Add Bookmarks Here

6 Change Bookmark Recent Folder List Length

7 Open Bookmarks in New Tab

8 Download Status Bar

9 AutoPin Tab

10 Close Tab Button

11 Tab Open/Close Control

12 and uBlock Origin I cannot update as it says on its webpage, with this technical change, it is not supported, so not upgrade it.

Any practical advice?

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Some notes:

> 2 Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

You can use custom style rules in a userChrome.css file for appearance modifications such as hiding text labels, narrowing/widening spacing, etc. Some changes are easier than others, so it's worth figuring out which ones are important to you.

> 3 Session Manager

Check out some of the newer ones:

> 4 New Add On Bar

No, extensions cannot create toolbars.

> 5 Add Bookmarks Here

Try this one for Firefox 64: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/bookmark-tab-here/

> 6 Change Bookmark Recent Folder List Length

The drop-down in the Add Bookmark dialog? No, Firefox only generates a certain number of recent folders in the drop-down. You can at least increase the height of the folders listbox using custom style rules to make the navigation a little easier. Or there may be an extension you can substitute for the built-in dialog.

> 7 Open Bookmarks in New Tab

Use the built-in preference in Firefox 64 to open bookmarks in a new tab by default: browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs => true

> 8 Download Status Bar

Extensions cannot create "real" toolbars, so I think people are using other approaches these days. You can search the Add-ons site.

> 9 AutoPin Tab

Is it one of these that are still available?

> 10 Close Tab Button

Do you mean you want a close tab button at the end of the tab bar instead of on the individual tab(s)? There are close tab button extensions, and you can move their button from the main toolbar onto the tab bar. To hide the X you can use custom style rules in your userChrome.css file.

> 11 Tab Open/Close Control

Is it this one that's still available?


> 12 uBlock Origin

No problem in Firefox 64.

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Thankyou jscher2000 for your reply

2) Roomy Toolbar -- . It was perfect how it was. I want it all. I am not a developer and I dont have the time to recreate an existing addon using developer tools like userChrome.css. The point is -- as an end user I should not have too. Without it Firefox is no good to me, I have way too many icons.

3) Sesssion Manager -- Thankyou I had tested both these. Neither come close to the session manager. I dont use tab session manager. Very bad experience in earlier days. So will not touch that again no matter how much they say they have improved. I need session manager -- it was perfect as it was, I could set default sessions, restore when I had issue, restore a few back if the Firefox started to play up (which it has a tendency to do, irrespective that it is not suppose to)

Toolbars -- i have searched the addon bar extensively last few months. I am not seeing any new ideas since Firefox management has prevented ability for developers to provide toolbars. I dont like the side bar. I dont like movement of things in/out. I want a simple toolbar to carry my excess icons, small and sleek, down the bottom, static out of the way. Not much to ask. Not sure why Firefox Management believe they felt users could do without their preferred toolbars

Thankyou for your share on uBlockOrigin -- I will retest uBlockOrigin. uBlockOrigin website is still showing a problem and recommending to stay on 1.13.8 uBlock Origin https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/support-ublock-origin/6746/503

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OnTheSea said

2) Roomy Toolbar -- . It was perfect how it was. I want it all.

You want it all -- what does that mean? You do realize the extension can be used to create a wide variety of different appearance. If you want someone to create a style recipe to meet your individual needs, be very specific.

I am not a developer and I dont have the time to recreate an existing addon using developer tools like userChrome.css.

The optional userChrome.css file is not a developer tool. I realize in this day and age of toddler-friendly icon-driven interfaces that the idea of having to create a file and copy/paste text into it is a heavy lift for many people. But in order to give you something to copy/paste, we need to know what the end result should look like.

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2) Roomy - I want it all = means I want the feature set that the roomy toolbar addon provided. It allowed you to change how the icons appeared, the spacing, colouring etc etc etc... and then it allowed you to simply tweak for changes, adhoc. No need to have any technical knowledge.

Moving to a css file means, I have to cut and paste I have no idea what means. So that means I have to learn what it means. In a toolbar addon, hence an addon by a very smart person (aka developer) it has done all the thinking for you. It provides you user friendly radio buttons to select

I am terribly sorry but I seem to have to be communicating to answer your seemingly put down that basic UI is not desired. For me I prefer basic UI to select my options rather than any text cut and paste. Text cut and paste is what we may have done 15 years or older....

then we got addons

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Thanks jscher2000 for your attempt to help. I just realised by your tone, it is telling me I should just abort Firefox and go to chrome. Chrome has the addons.

Its a sad day but usability is important to a simple person like me.

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Don't misunderstand my tone: this is the support forum. We work with the Firefox we have today, which no longer runs legacy extensions for the past 13 months. That is why I am talking about other approaches you can use right now.

If you are not here for support with Firefox 64, but instead you want to advocate product changes for the future, you can try one or more of the following:

If you find Chrome add-ons like the ones you're missing, you and others can ask the authors to convert them for Firefox. That is possible in many cases, or if they are open source, a different developer can convert them.

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I am still using Firefox 54. I refuse to give up my add-ons. All of them are very useful.

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