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Every page refreshes/loads twice

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Recently, like in the last couple of days, I've had this problem that every webpage that I haven't visited before (like after I've cleared my history) loads twice/instantly refreshes. For example, if I type in 'pineapple' into Google search, the page will load and show me the results, then a split second later it will instantly refresh/load again and show me the same results. This is SUPER ANNOYING and has me somewhat concerned since it hasn't been happening before.

Note, I'm using an older version of Firefox. But it's never been a problem before so I doubt the issue lies there.

Any and all help to solve this problem would be much appreciated.

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It's possible Firefox "painted" the page and then received some new information that made it think it needed to completely repaint it. But if the problem occurs on every site, that would be unusual.

Have you done the usual things, like testing in Firefox's Safe Mode to rule out extensions as an issue?

Also, you should update. As you may know, the current versions of Firefox are:

If something is holding you back from upgrading Firefox, please let us know so we can suggest solutions or workarounds. Version 53 has known security vulnerabilities.