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Unable to use a language pack

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This is with current Firefox 63.0.1. I am using the en-us version and want to to switch the interface to French. For this I:

- added the French language pack addon - following the instructions on this page: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/use-firefox-interface-other-languages-language-pack

That documentation suggests to set the intl.locale.requested variable on the about:config page. However this configuration key does not exist in FF 63.0.1.

I found what looks like a more suitable key:


After setting this variable to True, I got a new section in FF options (see screenshot). The language selector now shows both English and French as it's supposed to. After selecting French, a message and a button appear:

"Redémarrer Firefox pour appliquer ces changements" or "Restart Firefow to apply those changes".

However the button "Aply and restart" is active but does not do anything when clicked. And restarting FF manually comes back up with English still selected.

So how can I actually use FF in either French or English?


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This pref doesn't exist by default, so you need to create a new Boolean pref via the right-click context menu with the name intl.locale.requested and set its value to 'fr'.

  • intl.locale.requested = "fr" or "en-US,fr"

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can accept the warning and click "I accept the risk!" to continue.

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Thanks, I figured as much. Are you aware of the intl.multilingual.enabled pref? is this going to be the next iteration of language handling? should I report the fact it does not work somewhere?

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