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FVD_Downloader_Module is hogging my machine - How do I resolve this?

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This particular module (FVD_Downloader_Module) is hogging my machine.

It is using about 50% of CPU (Windows task manager) on an ongoing basis, and making the machine hang the whole time.

Why does this module do this? Is there any way of stopping it?

The add-ons I have are Ant Video Downloader, Flash Video Downloader, My Video Downloader and Grab Any Media.

I am running Win 7 on a socket 775 motherboard with a 3.2gHz dual core processor and 4gb RAM.

I have discovered that this FVD module runs even when I am not downloading.

When I terminated the process the machine pretty well went back to running normally. Also when I terminated the process none of the add-ons worked.

I printed the Task Manager screen showing the module and the CPU percent, but can't seem to be able to paste it here.

Has anyone any ideas on this?

I have also noticed that Firefox itself is running three processes and not just one.

Any reason for this?

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Have you contacted its support?