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Can I change "insecure connection" for one site?

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When I open my router in a browser, I get the insecure-connection warning before the site connects. I want to get rid of that warning for the router; after all, it's internal to my network, and I browse through a private VPN. I know how to get rid of the insecure-connection warning for all sites, through about:config, but I don't know how to teach the browser that this particular site ( is secure.

Can someone teach me (a very difficult task) how to teach the browser (probably a very simple task) about that one site? Thanks very much.

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Do you mean the warning on the login form for an HTTP address?


This is not a site-specific setting, so no, I can't think of any way to suppress it just for one address.

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Hi, jscher, Thanks for the quick response. It's not the answer I had hoped for, but it does tell me I can stop looking for it, and that's quite helpful. Perhaps we should suggest to Mozilla that it should include that capability in future versions.

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Hi WTig3ner, this kind of idea tends to get lost in the Support forum. To propose changes to future versions of Firefox, you may want to submit suggestions through one or more of the following links: