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Why each tab of morzilla firefox consume memory (approx 290,000Kb)?

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I am facing this issue in firefox from past 1 year. I have 4GB RAM, 64 bit Windows 7 OS, 2.1Ghz, intel i3

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Check below screenshot from task manager

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  • Those FF Processes are not 'Each Tab'. It's normal to have multiple processes running with these later versions of FF.
  • Otherwise, how is FF working for you? I have 8GB of Memory and an old, simple Video Card on a desktop system from 2010.
  • The image below shows how I run FF to gain some extra days before closing/reStarting FF:
  • (But I also run FF with 0 Disk Cache setup.)


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Pink_Panther said

I am facing this issue in Firefox from past 1 year. I have 4GB RAM, 64 bit Windows 7 OS, 2.1Ghz, Intel i3

Do you have the Extension "AdBlock Plus" (ABP)?


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It is normal to see three or more Firefox processes running.

  • one process for the main Firefox thread (user interface)
  • one or more content processes set via dom.ipc.processCount
    Options/Preferences -> General -> Performance
    remove checkmark: [ ] "Use recommended performance settings"
  • one process for the compositor thread (Windows;graphics)

You can find the current multi-process state on the Troubleshooting Information (about:support) page.

  • "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" -> "Application Basics":
    Multiprocess Windows
    Web Content Processes

See also:

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Still seems like a memory leak of some kind, certain websites (tabs) expand over time when FF is left running. Process Explorer reports such increase in the Working Set, and an interesting datum is the number of page faults...which seems to be an issue.

I'm running Windows 7 Pro on a Lenovo with 3GB and have to periodically Restart (via about:profiles - restart normally...put a link in your bookmarks in the navbar!) to reduce memory consumption to something approaching rationality.
Why isn't there a mechanism that monitors each instantion for memory consumption / page faults and automagically! does a restart but only on THAT instantiation, rather than ALL?? Each task under the main FF is a separate entity, yes?, so I'd think resource management would be applicable on that level....
 N.B.: one tab / website hit 4MM+ page faults.
 I'll try limiting things per the suggestion here, but it's quite a bugbear.