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With the last update, arrow key navigation seems broken, its not behaving like it did the seconds before Firefox interrupted my browsing to update itself.

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Before the latest update on 9/17/18, I was able to use the arrow keys to move the page up and down with no issues other than occasionally I had to click somewhere on the page to get the arrows to start working. Now, I don't even know how to describe it. It's broken. I arrow down and it adds a cursor at the end of text, but you can't type, then all of a sudden it jumps to the bottom of the page and I can't arrow back up either. It just jumps all over the page. wth??? It's even doing it on this page. It's frustrating because I primarily use the arrow keys to navigate without a mouse. I've restarted FF and my Ubuntu OS. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi, please try a Refresh but Note that this does more than uninstalling and re-installing does. Normal uninstalling does not remove some preferences which may have become corrupt. Please Refresh but do this 1st: